About Us


Dale’s Aesthetic is an OMO (On-line Merge Off-line) retailer/wholesaler essay writing sites aimed to provide quality branded goods to meet the need of the niche market. Started off from many humble beginnings, we strives itself to be the number one feminine care provider in South East Asia.

In 2014, we venture into the health and beauty industry, with a mindset of individuals should have access to high-quality and personalized healthcare treatment.

Carrying famous Taiwanese Brand – Verginale, we hope to promote these Taiwanese brands on a global scale, making the future more glory. Our products are now available in more than 18 countries and regions throughout the world.

We invite your to discover our company and its history and activities


Safety is our commitment

Nature is our Philosophy

Effect is our orientation

We create love by enhancing quality of life with more beauty and enrichment we seek to bring happiness to every customer and fill the world with smiles.

In Taiwan and Southeastern markets, 2 out of 10 women have proposal essay topics list used or are using products promoted by Dale’s Aesthetic implies professional quality and high-grade pampering for these users.






When you develop your inner beauty, your self-confidence seems to miraculously improve as well !


After using VG products, my infections are much reduced and my genital does not get dry nor itchy. I really love the products!

- Su-Qin, Ding, Store Manager, Sally Spa

After using the VG Balance Cream, I feel more energetic and my skin tone has improved. I feel safe using the product since it is SGS certified. I have recommended it to my friends and they are satisfied with it too!

- Cai-Yun Liu, Store Manager, Manxuan Spa

After I took the VG’s Feminine Cleanse, my husband found my vagina became tighter. We have decided to use the product for the long run because we feel safe using the product with natural ingredients.

- Ji-Jun Lin, Physician, Mingfu Dermatology Clinic

I had a huge scar on my back due to a surgery I had last year. My friends recommended me to use the VG Balance Cream. I applied it on the scar and after a month, I feel that my scares do not get as itchy as before and they are lightened too. The improvements were better than I expected!

- Wei-Ting Zhang, Consumer