GRBeTI Anti-Wtinkle Creamy Mask

GRBeTI Anti-Wtinkle Creamy Mask

100 ml

GRBeTI Anti-Wrinkle Mask can prevent fine lines, improve dry skin phenomenon, effectively go against aging, and restore the supple and smooth skin if once have.

Fine Lines and dryness are common problems of mature skin; routine maintenance is the key of preventive measures to these problems before they occur.

Experiments have confirmed that the Anti-Wrinkle Creamy Mask contains a variety of active moisturizing ingredients that can effectively smoothes skin wrinkles to allow mature skin to restore youthfulness and brightness. It is also rich in vitamins A, E and other anti-radical ingredients, when used in routine maintenance, it can maintain the highest elasticity of collagen tissue and reduce moisture loss as well as fight against oxidation, and can also effectively prevent the formation of fine lines when used 2 or 3 times per week.

Breathable, refreshing, and without kaolin substrate, it will not cause obstruction. It is generally used for overnight cream mask and can be applied for more than 10 hours.


Applied onto skin directly. It is generally used as overnight cream mask, and the mask with cream as base can be washed clean with warm water after applied for more than 10 hours.

Full Ingredients List

Hyunornic Acid, Aloe Vera, Bearberry Extract, Carbopol-940, Chamomile Extract, Collagen PW, Sanxing Gum, Tween#60, Methylene Paraben, Deionized Water, Rose Essental Oil, PGE-400, Sunflower Oil.