GRBeTI Mask for Sensitive Skin

GRBeTI Mask for Sensitive Skin

200 ml

GRBeTI Mask for Sensitive Skin, used after laser, pulse or acne-clearing treatment course can quickly subside redness and have multiple effects including calming, inflammation-diminishing and sterilization of the skin.

After the operation various micro plastic and facial treatment courses in the market usually will cause redness, swelling, heat, pain and itching.

The mask contains a variety of effective ingredients, used after the operation can speed up restoration and maximize the effect of treatment course and can also prevent side effects including allergy, hyper pigmentation and peeling.


Used after clearing acnes or pimples and wash to clean after 10-20 minutes, can have triple effects of redness-subsiding, sterilization and calming.

Full Ingredients List

Deionied Water, Carbopol-934, T.E.A., PEG-400, Methylene Paraben, Frgrance, Chamomile Extract, Cucumber Extract.