Verginale Feminine Cleanse

Verginale Feminine Cleanse

5 PC Pack

Verginale Feminine Cleanse revitalises the private part with a refreshing sensation, activating the youth in the ovary.


Uses high-tech engineering technology to extract Betain essence and a rigorous process to reach food-grade standards. This product does not contain plasticizer, estrogen or antibiotics. It is naturally pampering with the ability to enhance immunity and prevent of female diseases.


Prevents infections, leucorrhea, secretions, and disturbing odour on the reproductive system while balancing the pH value of the private part.


Prevents premature ovary, hysteroptosis, dry vagina, keratinization and atrophy by activating protein to restore the rupture form after the discharge of shrunk dead cells. The ovary will naturally release the estrogen and nourish the private part with plumpness, water and improve resilience.


Prevents loose vagina, enhances quality of sexual life and enjoyment of the sweet sex life.


Promotes the metabolism of residual toxins after menstruation, nourishing from inside out to add glamorous radiance to the body.


  1. For external use. Dissolve one tablet into lukewarm water to clean topical private skin after bath.
  2. For first-time users. Use the product once in every 2 days for the first session.
  3. Use the product for maintenance. Once a week after the second session.
  4. For postnatal contraction. Use the product in 10 days after giving the birth. Use the product once in every 2 days and use 30 times in a row for restoration of prenatal conditions.

Full Ingredients List

Betaine, Potassium Carbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Silicate, Potassium Alum, Vanilla Powder, Lactose, Calcium Carboxymethyl Cellulose.


I had a huge scar on my back due to a surgery I had last year. My friends recommended me to use the VG Balance Cream. I applied it on the scar and after a month, I feel that my scares do not get as itchy as before and they are lightened too. The improvements were better than I expected! In addition to the scares, I also use it on the minor heat rash on my belly and it has also improved significantly.

Wei-Ting Zhang Consumer

I work and have children so I need to use the strength of my hands, which gives me aches on my shoulder, neck and hand. I also sleep with my children so my quality of sleep is rather poor. I feel very tired in the day. Since I used VG Balance Cream, my shoulder and neck muscles are relieved from the siffness and discomfort I felt before. My sleep quality has also improved and I can have sound sleep without waking up. I feel more energetic now.

Annie Lu Beautician, Vicky Professional Beauty Shop

I care about beauty and health ever since I started working in the beauty business. I would try anything that can make more beautiful. After using VG Balance Cream, my skin becomes firmer and my muscle aches from massaging customers are reduced. I will continue using the product.

Su-Qin Ding Store Manager, Sally Spa Store